Hidden in My Heart: A Series

 “I have hidden your word in my heart
that I might not sin against you” (Psalms 119.11, NIV.)


In this blog,  I am looking back at some of “the Word” that is in my heart. As an Evangelical, I was taught to memorize scripture as much as possible.  When you need the advice or encouragement,  if you know scripture, the words will come to you. Also, someday in a dystopian future, bibles may be banned and you will only have the passages you memorized to rely on when you need to hear from the Lord.

I was good at the scripture memorization and I still have quite a few still stuck in my heart (or neural connections.) I started before i was two years old. I find that these verses come to mind suddenly from time to time.  While I am a sarcastic type, I am not trying to cut down my family or my former spiritual communities.  This is my recollection of what these verses meant to me and how I framed them before and after deconversion.

My plan for is to take a deeper look at my memorized scripture. I want to explore the verses themselves both in and out of context and try to remember the circumstances around why I memorized them.

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